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Ss Charles and Helena Catholic Church Youth Group

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Quotes from the youth group

Curtis 10th grade:  Youth group is a wonderful place.  When people go to youth group, they can be them selves and get a chance to open up.  There are so many memories at youth group, and many new friends too.  It's all around great. 
Chrissy 10th grade:  Youth group has given me a chance to be me.  Anyone is accepted.  I hope everyone who reads this joins us.
Vanessa 10th grade:  Youth group is great!!!  It gets me pumped up for the up coming week, and it gets me in a good mood.  Its great meeting all the upper-class men that will help you through stuff and that you can talk to about situations that they've already been in.  Youth group has made and is still making me a better person.

Cody 10th grade:  This was my first year in youth group and I love it.  Its the best time of my life.

Drew 10th grade:  Youth group has been one of the best things that has ever come into my life.  When I'm a senior, I am going to hate leaving.

Richard 10th grade:  The one of the few things that most important to me is youth.  There is so many good things I could say abut it, but I'll just say, if it was for youth group I don't know if I could survive.

Bob M. 10th grade:  Youth group is a great place to be with some people you like.  Everyone is so nice.  Youth group makes my life go round.  Defore I came, my life was going downward very fast.  I have met many great people that I never would have.  Youth group makes many good leaders into great ones.  I never thought of myself as a leader, but many people have brought out a different side of me.

Jessica 10th grade:  Yeah!!!  Youth group is an awesome place.  I really look forward to Sunday nights.  The people are great, fun fun times, free food, and fun trips.  Road Rally rocked and I'm really looking forward to picnics at Cork and Becky's this summer. 

Ashley F. 10th grade:  Yeah!!!  Youth group is so much fun and the people are the greatest people you'll ever meet.  I love everyone of them.

Jessi  10th grade:  I just started going to youth group and I've already made so many friends, its a fun place to hangout with new and old friends.

Brian  10th grade:  Youth group is a place to have fun.  You make friends and go to places.

Patrick  11th grade:  Youth group is a great place where everyone is accepted.  Here you can build closer to relations with God and your friends.  I hope to see you there.

Andrew  11th grade:  Free food.

Ryan  11th grade:  It is alot of fun.

Dustin  11th grade:  Youth group is a great place to meet people, have a good time, and to go on cool trips.  Also,  youth group is a great place to practice talking.

Stephanie  11th grade:  Youth group is an awesome place to meet and grow spiritually with new people.  You get free food, take awesome trips, and friends that will last a lifetime. 

Nick  11grade:  Youth group is such a great place.  The people are awesome, the trips are a blasts, sharing your faith with other people is super, and the teen conferences are great.  Everyone is welcome to joins us on Sundays in the fall.  Youth group is the time of my life in my highschool year. 

Ricky  12th grade:  YG is a fun place where everyone can feel happy.  The are no cliques or outcasts and everyone is nice and its just really awesome.

John grade 12th:  Youth group is a fun place to be.  It is a life changing and you meet friends who you will have for the rest of your life.

Bobby 12th: Yay!  Fun, friends, games, food.  What could be better?

Andy  12th:  Youth group is an awesome place to be.  The people are great.  We are all one BIG family.

Brody 12th:  Youth group is a time to grow and become a new person, and meet a lot of great people.  Besides, theres free food here. 

Lindsay  12th:  Youth group is a growing, maturing experence for anyone who tries their hardest.

Cous  12th:  Wow!!!  Youth group is the best place to be.  Not only do you have fun, but you can really get a self-esteem boost here.  Not to mention, SNACKS!!!

Ashley  12th:  Youth group is the highlight of my week.  I love all the new friends I made and making.  Its the best way to start or end your week (depending how you look at it). The friendships last a lifetime.