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About the Youth Group
Ss Charles and Helena Catholic Church Youth Group
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About The Youth Group,


Once again welcome to Ss. Charles and Helena Catholic

Churches' youth group. 

A place where you get to make friends,

Make sad and happy memories,

Talk about God and your faith.

It is a place where you can be you

and everyone treats each other as a BIG FAMILY

with love, respect, kindness, patience, and brothers and

sisters of Christ.

We have one of the best youth groups in the Diocese of


Who gets involved with many activities that involves other

youth groups,

like Jamboree, NCYC, etc.

In the Summertime we would take a trip down to

Cedar Point, attending many picnics at Becky's and Cork's

house, go on camping trips, and much much more.

Youth group is open to everyone who would like to come

on Sundays nights.

Teens who have different religious background,

who are 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders,

and people who have a different race, looks, disablities, or

who are friends coming with a member of the youth group

are welcome. So come join us and be part of this group.

Begin to make a new memory

and enjoy meeting new friends

with Christ in the